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I run a website that allows users to write blog-post, I would like to summarize the written content and use it to fill the <meta name="description".../>-tag for example.

What methods can I employ to automatically summarize/describe the contents of user-generated content?

Are there any (preferably free) methods out there that have solved this problem?

(I've seen other websites just copy the first 100 or so words but this strikes me as a sub-optimal solution.)

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There are several Web-based platforms where people could share user-generated This work, therefore, aims to research a universal framework for developing a speech-based interface that can aggregate user-generated content and present the summarized information via speech-based human-computer interactions.content such as reviews, posts, blogs, and tweets. However, online communities and social networks are expanding so rapidly that people can't digest all the information. To help users to acquire information more efficiently, both the interface for data access and the information representation need to be improved. An automatic and personalized interface, such as a dialogue system, could be an ideal assistant, which engages a user in a continuous dialogue to garner the user’s interest, assists the user via speech-navigated interactions, harvests and summarizes the Web data as well as presenting it naturally.

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