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Can I convert a string representing a boolean value (e.g., 'true', 'false') into an intrinsic type in JavaScript?

I have a hidden form in HTML that is updated based upon a user's selection within a list. This form contains some fields which represent boolean values and are dynamically populated with an intrinsic boolean value. However, once this value is placed into the hidden input field it becomes a string.

The only way I could find to determine the field's boolean value, once it was converted into a string, was to depend upon the literal value of its string representation.

var myValue = document.myForm.IS_TRUE.value; 

var isTrueSet = myValue == 'true';

Is there a better way to accomplish this?

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To convert a string to boolean in JavaScript you can use the below-mentioned way:-

var isTrueSet = (myValue == 'true');

If you will use the identity operator (===) then you can make it more strict, what identity operator does is it doesn't make any implicit type conversions when the compared variables have different types, instead of the equality operator (==).

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