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Using Azure Functions, can I reference and use NuGet packages in my C# function?

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Hey, as we looked into this, you can use the NuGet packages in Azure Functions in the easiest way by using Visual Studio 2017 15.4 having an Azure Function template.

Are you interested in learning Azure from basics! Here's the right video for you on Azure provided by Intellipaat:

 check the screenshots below and follow the same:

1) Here, you need to add the Azure function Project: "Right click" on "solution" and select "Add New project". Now, go to "CLOUD" option where you will find "Azure Function" project.

Azure Function

2) You are now all set to add any NuGet package. Expand you "DEPENDENCIES" option and right click on it to select option "Manage NuGet  Packages". After this, a NuGet Package dialog will appear, select any NuGet package you want to install. Check the screenshot below


3) At last, you have to publish the Azure Function.

Apparently, you don't have to worry about the settings, as everything is taken care by the Visual Studio.

Please Note: This will only work on Visual Studio 2017 15.4 or above that.

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