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I would like to know whether there is a good API for "voice recognition" and "text to speech" in C++. I have gone through the Festival, which you can't even say whether the computer is talking because it is so real and voce as well.

Unfortunately Festival seems not supporting voice recognition (I mean "Voice to Text") and voce is built in Java and it is a mess in C++ because of JNI.

The API should support both "Text to voice" and "Voice to Text", and it should have a good set of examples, at least outside the owner's website. Perfect if it has a facility to identify the set of given voices, but that is optional, so no worries.

What I am going to do with the API is, when a set of voice commands given, turn the robot device left, right, etc. And also, speak to me saying "Good Morning", "Good Night" etc. These words will be coded in the program.

Please help me to find a good C++ voice API for this purpose. If you have access to a tutorial/installation tutorial, please be kind enough to share it with me as well.

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The core part of our system is a voice to text conversion. We used Windows Speech Recognition(WSR), which is built

on top of SAPI, for capturing voice and Microsoft Speechlib API for converting this voice to text. If you develop on Windows you can use MS Speech API which allows you to perform Voice Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS).

You can find some examples on the following link:

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