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  • I copied a file, ./barname.bin, to s3, using the command aws s3 cp ./barname.bin s3://fooname/barname.bin
  • I have a different file, ./barname.1.bin that I want to upload in place of that file
  • How can I upload and replace (overwrite) the file at s3://fooname/barname.bin with ./barname.1.bin?


  • Don't change the s3 url used to access the file (new file should also be available at s3://fooname/barname.bin).
  • zero/minimum 'downtime'/unavailability of the s3 link.

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To replace an old file in S3 bucket with a new file, you can just upload your new file on top of your old file. Your new file will overwrite the existing one.

So, if your old file exists in s3://fooname/barname.bin you can use the following command to replace it with a new file.

aws s3 cp ./barname.1.bin s3://fooname/barname.bin

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