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Does anyone know a stable framework which can be used to create a blockchain application, creating a server/node, creating a miner, a wallet, a blockchain inspector, etc?

Such a framework does not have to be in Node.js nor Ruby on Rails, but those are the two technologies I am most familiar with.

Some Background:

I have to craft an internship project based on blockchain technology.

I have been looking at Ethereum which seems nice. Ethereum's GETH command line interface allows me to create a blockchain and also mine that blockchain.

However, I need to be able to use a web-capable development platform such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, or similar so I can have interns craft a UI to go along with a local blockchain.

I have looked at Toshi(RoR) and BitCoin.js(Node), but will need something that has better documentation.

Thanks for any and all your suggestions!

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For successfully deploying your project, you need to read this answer.

As a development technology, you may leverage the capabilities of either

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (easy to install and update)
Eclipse Mars 2(with JavaScript format)
Solidity (official ethereum language)

For deployment, you may choose any from

Digital Ocean (cheap and easy to host)
Ubuntu 14.04 (Easy to install and upgrade)
Geth (most widely used for deployment purposes)
Node (for interacting with the web3.js library) +async (for easy async calls) + express (for end-point creation and organization)

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