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For my project, I need to choose between Jenkins and Travis-CI. I’ve been using Jenkins for years but I’ve also read good reviews about Travis-CI.

Which one would you use for an Open Source project? What are the main benefits or advantages of both?

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Travis-Ci and Jenkins both are used for continuous integration tools. But they work quiet differently.

Travis does not have jobs as in Jenkins. The commands to run the test code are taken from a file named .travis.yml.

which locates along with your project code. which makes it easy to have different test code per branch since each branch can have its own version of the .travis.yml file.

If you choose to use Jenkins there are some plugins that help you to do similar tasks.

Travis YML Plugin - warning: It does not seem to be popular, probably not feature complete in comparison to the real Travis.

Jervis - a modification of Jenkins to make it read and create jobs from a .jervis.yml file found at the root of the project code. If .jervis.yml does not exist, it will fall back to using .travis.yml file instead.

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