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I'm extensively using Selenium for integration testing. Works great for all normal stuff (HTML/AJAX), but no go when I'm trying to test third party ActiveX, Java applets and Flash components.

The solution I've found for this is Sikuli. Works great locally, but how can I integrate that into Selenium?

btw. if that's relevant, for Selenium I'm using Python API.

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See the Python section of the Selenium RC documentation:

You can run selenium tests from Jython. In that case, you will just have to integrate Selenium scripts into your Sikuli scripts.

Try the following in the Sikuli IDE. You may modify the import statements to point to specific files in the selenium project.

from selenium import selenium 

slm = selenium("localhost", 4444, "*firefox", "")


# etc...

This guy seems to have had success controlling selenium from Jython:

My conclusion: it'll probably be easiest to remain in Jython and control selenium from there. You could integrate both tools into one script.

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