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I know this is a very basic question but for some reason I can't find an answer. How can I get the index of certain element of a Series in python pandas? (first occurrence would suffice)

I.e., I'd like something like:

import pandas as pd

myseries = pd.Series([1,4,0,7,5], index=[0,1,2,3,4])

print myseries.find(7) # should output 3

Certainly, it is possible to define such a method with a loop:

def find(s, el):

    for i in s.index:

        if s[i] == el: 

            return i

    return None

print find(myseries, 7)

but I assume there should be a better way. Is there?

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To find element index in pandas series, use this:

 myseries[myseries == 8]

3    8

dtype: int64

myseries[myseries == 8].index[0]


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