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So I have this in the page:

< apex:commandButton id="songdbabc" value="Synch from song db" action="{!sendingSign}" /> 

and this in the controller:

public PageReference  sendingSign(){

    System.debug(' message ');

    return null;


But everytime I press the button there isn`t any message in the "Log" I mean the action is not executed , any idea?

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Do you have another variable or function with the same name? I mean public String sendingSign {get; set;} or maybe public String getSendingSign()? These would "shadow" your action function. Do you have more than 1 controller extension in <apex:page> tag? they'd be checked for matching function names from right to left (so if you have few classes maybe it's calling the match from a class you're not looking at)

Open up your browser's JS console/network panel, see if there's any traffic recorded at all when you click the button...
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