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I am currently trying to learn salesforce.

Following is my understanding(correct me if i am wrong)

  • Database as a service.
  • Uses oracle under the hood.
  • Provides REST API service to interact with database.

  • Platform as a service.
  • Provides metadata layer(Apex language,tool to edit/debug code,visualforce page etc.)
  • Provides default metadata for field types.
  • Uses under the hood(for storing data and metadata).

  • Software as a service.
  • Uses under the hood.
  • Provides few data model (i.e.schema) eg:-sales,marketing.
  • Provides a framework(mainly UI) to create/configure various parameters of metadata and data model.


I believe, and are 3 different services. But on searching I am always reaching to salesforce CRM.Is it possible to use or alone i.e. without salesforce CRM?

Thank you!

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I believe the database is currently going by the name of Database, while is the name of one of the salesforce editions (products). I haven't heard much about recently, and most of the links to seem to be redirected, so it seems like they are trying to phase it out.

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