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I created 4 tableau worksheets, let's name them W1, W2, W3, W4 . Each worksheet has a table kind of presentation of data.
I want to present them in a dashboard. So I put 4 vertical layouts and put those sheets in them.
The size of W1 varies according to data. So if data is large there might be a case that a new row will be inserted in the W1. You can see the dashboard with layout1(i.e. W1) selected here - Dashboard1

So If the height of layout1 increases (i.e. New rows are added in W1), I don't want a scroll bar to pop up. I want the other layouts which are below layout1 to adjust according to the size of layout1.
How I can achieve that?

Here is the image of the layout hierarchy for reference layout hierarchy

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For the device-specific layouts kindly refer to the following link

Check the tableau certification for reference, to become an expert

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