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I am trying to delete a file from a local directory right after I have uploaded it to AWS S3. When I run it on Vagrant I get an error = Text-file:busy, and when I run it on xampp I get the error: permission denied. For some reason, the AWS S3 PutObject method is not releasing the filehandle. I have tried to unset the s3 object but that didn't work.

Here is the code:

    $tempName = public_path().'/path/to/file'

    //Initialize AWS

    $s3 = AWS::createClient('s3');

    //Upload image to AWS

    try {

        $reponse = $s3->putObject(array(

            'Bucket'       => 'zotamoda',

            'Key'          => $productImage->image_folder."/".$productImage->image_name,

            'SourceFile'   => $tempName,

            'ACL'          => 'public-read',


    } catch (S3Exception $e) {

        // The AWS error code (e.g., )

        echo $e->getAwsErrorCode() . "\n";

        // The bucket couldn't be created

        echo $e->getMessage() . "\n";


    //Delete image from temporary location


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Try this:

Storage::disk('s3')->put($productImage->image_folder."/".$productImage->image_name, file_get_contents($tempName), 'public');


or, assuming that $tempName is relative to your project root:


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