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I want to get notified when a new lead is created in Salesforce. Is there something like webhook in Salesforce or some other way to achieve this?

Any help is appreciated

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You can create a Workflow rule instead of Webhook to get notified when a new lead is created. 

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Follow the given steps to create a workflow in Salesforce to get notified each time a new lead is created:

  1. Click on Setup.

  2. Scroll down to Process Automation, and then click Workflow Rules.

  3. Click on New Rule.

  4. Select Lead and then click on Next.

  5. Enter your Rule Name.

  6. Set the 'evaluation criteria' to created.

  7. Specify the Rule Criteria.

  8. Click on Save & Next.

  9. Click Add Workflow Action and select New Email Alert (you can use any other action as well).

10. Enter the description of the email alert.

11. Select which Email Template to use. 

12. Specify the recipients of the Email. 

13. Click Save. 

14. Click Done.

15. Click Activate.

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