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A couple of years ago I saw a fantastic presentation on machine learning based on using Google as the data source. The idea was to leverage Google and Ruby to get more people involved in the concepts of machine learning since massive amounts of data are now readily accessible. For the life of me, I have not been able to find this presentation. I realize that this wouldn't normally be a very good format to ask this question, however, the content was so valuable and well presented that I felt we would all be enriched by having another pointer to this information.

Although I realize this is somewhat vague, Can anyone refer us to this original video presentation?

If not, could you share some useful links that would get one started down this road of machine learning leveraging massive data sources that now exist and are generally available?

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You could refer to the following link for more information regarding Intuition & Data-Driven Machine Learning:

This article showed that simply increasing the training set by orders of magnitude yielded significant improvements in the performance of common Machine Learning algorithms. In fact, in certain cases, you are simply better off working on getting more data, then spending your time on improving the algorithm.

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