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For example, if you wanted to use the mulit-branch pipeline plugin to create jobs automatically using a Jenkinsfile there is not a way I know of to have the "Poll SCM" option enabled in the job. This makes it difficult to provision on-demand environments such as creating a docker container that has the jobs setup from the beginning. Because you would have to sign-in to Jenkins and go to the configuration and select the "Poll SCM" option once the container was started. Cloudbees offers a template plugin to help solve this problem. However, this is not available to Jenkins using the free version. Is there any workaround or solution for users on the free version of Jenkins?

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For this question, you need not use poll SCM because  Multibranch projects have a configurable polling interval for the branch indexing as a whole, which also serves as a per-branch build trigger, and will also receive webhooks automatically.

So for multibranch projects, there is no need for using Poll SCM.

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