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I had developed an OCR which was completely dedicated to font type & its size. I just used to calculate the height & width of the font & find out the ratio which I compare with the database value & then choose the font.

I want to extend the logic to all types of fonts & sizes. I want to do it using Artifical Intelligence. I have seen the Coding of some of the open-source OCR. But, it won't be useful.

Please guide me on the way I should follow/start to developer my own OCR. I want to make it an Oper Source Project for the whole world & also want to provide API for further project-specific development in Java.

Thanks in Advance.

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Today, OCR platforms are still used to convert handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text so that it can be accessed on a computer. OCR platforms make copies of documents like receipts, bank statements, passports and other forms of documentation that need to be managed. The most common form of template-based OCR works by entering the coordinates of the text they want to record from a physical document. After opening this into the OCR platform the selected text is found and then recorded in a digital format like a PDF. For more information regarding the same, refer to the following link:

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