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I am unable to run any commands against my remote repository at Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) because authentication fails. I am able to do pulls, etc. through Visual Studio. But only through Visual Studio. Not through Git Bash, or any other tool like SourceTree.

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First, enable your authentication credentials, then set the secondary username.

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After this, create a personal access token in your Visual Studio account, then copy that token '

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Open your Git Bash and go to the cloned folder with your repository, enter the following command in order to make sure that it is storing the credentials properly and no repetitions are needed:

git config credential.helper store

git pull origin [your branch]

Looking for Azure material from basics! Refer to this video on Azure provided by Intellipaat:

After this, it will ask for the user name and password. So, simply you enter your username and token, acting as your password.

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