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If I use tel: I should write the international phone code, like that.

<a href="tel:+6494461709">61709</a>

So far, so good, but I can't find information on how to write a cell phone number in an "international" way if there is one.

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When you dial a number within the country you are in, you still need to dial the national trunk number before the rest of the number. 

As for example, in Australia you will dial like this:

  0 - trunk prefix

   2 - Area code for New South Wales

6555 - STD code for a specific telephone exchange

1234 - Telephone Exchange specific extension.

For a mobile phone this becomes like this:

   0 -      trunk prefix

   4 -      Area code for a mobile telephone

1234 5678 - Mobile telephone number

Now, if you want to dial via the international trunk, then you will have to drop the trunk prefix and replace it with the international dialing prefix

   + -      Short hand for the country trunk number

  61 -      Country code for Australia

   4 -      Area code for a mobile telephone

1234 5678 - Mobile telephone number

This is why we often find that the first digit of a telephone number is dropped when dialling internationally, even when using international prefixing to dial within the same country.

Therefore, as per the trunk prefix for Germany  drop the 0 and add the +49 for Germany's international calling code (for example) this way:

<a href="tel:+496170961709" class="Blondie">

    Call me, call me any, anytime

      <b>Call me (call me) I'll arrive</b>

        When you're ready we can share the wine!


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