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I have a Visual Studio online Team Project with a repository. I have been using this with VS 2013 for a while now.

I installed VS 2015 and connected to Visual Studio online in team explorer and chose the project in question.

however, under solutions it says:

You must clone the repository to open solutions for this project.

I did go to settings and edit my global settings to set my repository root correctly. (same location as set in Visual Studio 2013)

But, it is already cloned and on my local machine.

Why isn't VS 2015 Team Explorer seeing the existing repository folder? How can I fix this other than deleting the folder and doing clone again?

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As Visual Studio maintain a list of repositories.

Open your team explorer and go to your connect page, then look into your Local Git Repositories Section and Click the Add Button, go back to the repository which you had cloned.

Looking for Azure material from basics! Refer to this video on Azure provided by Intellipaat:

Once you are connected to your server, Visual Studio will easily detect that the repository that you have opened is just a clone of a repository in your Server, which will further enable the TFS Functionality.

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