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I have a table whose tds are created dynamically. I know how to get the first and last child but my question is:

Is there a way of getting the second or third child using CSS?

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For IE 7 & 8 (and other browsers without CSS3 support not including IE6) you can try using the following to get the 2nd and 3rd children:

For 2nd Child, use this:

td:first-child + td

For 3rd Child, use this:

td:first-child + td + td

Now, simply you can add another + td for each additional child you wish to select.

But, If you want to support IE6 that can be done too! You just need to use a little javascript like this:

$(function() {


    $(".table-class tr").each(function() {





Then for your CSS you just need to use those class selectors to make whatever changes you like:

table td.firstChild { /*stuff here*/ }

table td.secondChild { /*stuff to apply to second td in each row*/ }

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