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df2 = pd.DataFrame({'X' : ['X1', 'X1', 'X1', 'X1'], 'Y' : ['Y2','Y1','Y1','Y1'], 'Z' : ['Z3','Z1','Z1','Z2']})

    X   Y Z

0  X1 Y2  Z3

1  X1 Y1  Z1

2  X1 Y1  Z1

3  X1 Y1  Z2


pd.pivot_table(g, values='X', rows='Y', cols='Z', margins=False, aggfunc='count')

Traceback (most recent call last): ... AttributeError: 'Index' object has no attribute 'index'

How do I get a Pivot Table with counts of unique values of one DataFrame column for two other columns?

Is there aggfunc for count unique? Should I be using np.bincount()?

NB. I am aware of 'Series' values_counts() however I need a pivot table.

The output should be:

Z   Z1 Z2  Z3


Y1   1 1 NaN

Y2 NaN NaN   1

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 As of 0.23 version of Pandas, the solution would be:

df2.pivot_table(values='X', index='Y', columns='Z', aggfunc=pd.Series.nunique)

which returns:

Z    Z1 Z2   Z3


Y1  1.0 1.0  NaN

Y2  NaN NaN  1.0

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