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I am a .NET developer who primarily developed web and stand alone apps using C# since beginning of my career. I am now interested to learn RPA so which RPA tool is best for me to learn where I can use my .NET skills more.

I came to know from Google that we can use C# in code stage of Blue Prism but nothing much about other famous tools like AA, UIPath, OpenSpan etc.

I understand that its best to select RPA tool based on requirements but I'm not looking that far as I haven't got a chance to work on a RPA project yet. I'm only looking from a .NET perspective. Thanks!

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I see you’ve read about implementing the code in Blue Prism, Blue Prism is clearly a great tool to work with but the problem with Blue Prism is the fact that its completely paid, like not even a trial version is available. Seeing your needs I would recommend you to learn Automation Anywhere or UiPath. 

Looking for RPA material from basics! Refer to this video on RPA provided by Intellipaat:

Both the tools are amazing and fairly easy to use, each has its pros and cons it really comes down to personal preference in my opinion. Both of these tools have community edition so you can download it for free and get working :).

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