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I am working on Automation Anywhere RPA platform to automate below process - 1. Login to a website using Username and Password. 2. Navigate to a page on that site. 3. Download a file from that page.

How to download a file in the same session that was created by the first step ?

I was able to successfully write a task with first two steps. For the third one, I tried Web Recorder's "Download File" command, which doesn't execute under the authenticated session created when the first step runs to login into the site.

The "Download File" command runs without any error but the file downloaded is not a valid file. When I opened the downloaded file in noted, I noticed that the content nothing but html response to an un-authenticated request to the file-download url.

I expect the "File Download" command is run under the authenticated web session created by the first step of the task (which is entering Username and Password).

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See the issue is that the download command works for those files that can be accessed without authentication (in order to make it easy for the users to download using the link) that is the reason why it is not working for you.

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In order to make this work use the left mouse click on the download button, it’ll work.

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