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Learning RPA with UIPath. Happily extracting onscreen data from a website, processing it, using it, etc.

However, there's information in the page that isn't visible, but is in the source, eg, open graph meta tags:

<meta property="og:image" content="https://example.com/foo.j p g" />

What options are open to me to extract this with UIPath? I gather there's an ExtractMetaData flag from ExtractData but I've yet to find a useful tutorial that I can follow at this stage :/

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You can try using the screen scraping command to extract meta-data, for this to work you’ll need to indicate the area of the data present on your screen that you want to scrape for example a structured data in the form of a table or the whole window.

Want to learn RPA from scratch! Have a look at this video on RPA provided by Intellipaat:

Data scraping activity generates a container with a selector for the top-level window and an Extract Structured Data activity with a partial selector, so all you basically have to do is give your xml tag as input.