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I am on a mac and am trying to install the Google Cloud SDK (including the gcloud command line utility) using this command in terminal

curl | bash

as seen at

It got all the way to the end and finished but even after I restarted my shell, the gcloud command still says it's not found.

Why isn't this installation working?


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I believe that there was an issue while downloading the Google Cloud SDK, in that case, I will be explaining starting from the installation process.

1.First, download the official Google Cloud SDK archive file from here(

2. Unzip the archive and save it at your desired folder.

3. Now open the folder which contains your unzipped google-cloud-sdkfolder in the terminal.

4. Run the command ./google-cloud-sdk/ and give yes to all further prompts and you are done.

Now, just type gcloud -v to verify your installation. If you find your gcloud version in your terminal, then you have successfully installed google cloud SDK.

Now the command gcloud will be available globally anywhere in your terminal!

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