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What are the Implementations differences between 'Selenium-server-standalone.jar' and 'Selenium Client & WebDriver'. Following is the link from website [].

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I know the first one is Formerly known as Selenium RC and the second one is Selenium 2.0(Webdriver). But Is the latest version supporting all the jars in Webdriver in Selenium Server? I have only Selenium Server available, Did all the method's in Selenium Webdriver supports in Selenium Server? likewise, what are the differences between the jars in it?

Can anyone help with this?

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Selenium WebDriver 2.0 - helps to write scripts for automating browsers..this package provides us with classes to attain automation. After writing scripts we are able to run them on native MACHINE and see automation ourselves. WebDriver projects were merged with selenium RC to beat the drawbacks of selenium RC making it selenium WebDriver 2.0

Selenium Server: now once I actually have my scripts (as mentioned above), To run scripts on REMOTE MACHINES (Test Beds) and NOT ON native MACHINE we do it using selenium server. So in short Selenium Webdriver works together with Selenium Server..they co-exist to help and not to replace each other.

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