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I just signed up for Amazon's new Elastic Beanstalk offering. What I can't figure out is how to SSH to a Beanstalk instance. I don't have a private key because Beanstalk generated the instance on my behalf.

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Try the following steps:

Step1: Open up the AWS console and navigate to your EC2 dashboard

Step2: Select the region and then go on security groups

Note: The selected region should be the same where you have launched your Elastic Beanstalk instance.

Step3: In security groups, select the security group named as elasticbeanstalk-default

Step4: Add a rule for SSH in elasticbeanstalk-default security group as shown below:

SSH | tcp | 22 | 22 |

Step 5:Create a key pair if you haven't created one yet

Step 6: Navigate to the Elastic Beanstalk tab in your AWS console

Step 7: Go to configurations in left pane

Step 8: click on Security

Step 9: Select the name of your key pair in EC2 key pair field

Step 10: Re-launch the instance, once relaunched, you need to get the host name from your EC2 dashboard and then SSH onto the server using the following command:

$ ssh -i path/to/ [email protected]

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