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(1.) After successfully configuring a second profile for the AWS CLI, I unsuccessfully tried to set the profile to user2 in my bash session with the following command:

export AWS_PROFILE=user2

... per the advice here:

(2.) The following command works:

aws s3 ls --profile user2

So I know that the AWS CLI and the user2 profile are both working on my computer.

(3.) However, when I subsequently (that is, after entering "export AWS_PROFILE=user2") try something like:

aws s3 ls

... AWS's response assumes that I want to query it as the default user (NOT user2)

(4.) So the only way I can use the user2 profile from the command line is by continuing to append "--profile user2" to every single command, which is tedious.




>> user2

, as expected.

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Worked for me:


Afterwards, commands like this can be handled from the account:

aws s3 ls

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