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I was wondering if it is possible to groupby one column while counting the values of another column that fulfill a condition. Because my dataset is a bit weird, I created a similar one:

import pandas as pd

raw_data = {'name': ['John', 'Paul', 'George', 'Emily', 'Jamie'], 

            'nationality': ['USA', 'USA', 'France', 'France', 'UK'],     

            'books': [0, 15, 0, 14, 40]}  

df = pd.DataFrame(raw_data, columns = ['name', 'nationality', 'books'])

Say, I want to groupby the nationality and count the number of people that don't have any books (books == 0) from that country.

I would therefore expect something like the following as output:


USA      1

France   1

UK       0

I tried most variations of groupby, using filter, agg but don't seem to get anything that works.

Thanks in advance, BBQuercus :)

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The below query will give you the required output.



USA           1

France       1

UK             0

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