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We are trying to build one simple website using sites.Here User logged into website and need to perform different actions by moving to different VF pages.

We are facing a Problem to maintain Session of particular user. We need help regarding how to maintain session for particular user.

Kindly give your help. Please provide any sample code.


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Well, you can't.

Think about it! You can store usernames/passwords in your data objects and if they allow you to login and maintain a session for that user and use it to walk around apex pages and builtin forms why would you buy a salesforce license? You could operate a 1000 employees rig with just one administrative license and a site URL. For that reason salesforce does not allow you session control, it grants you one when you buy and expense a license.

For sites, you have to purchase either a Customer Portal license or a volume-based High Volume Customer Portal set and then use those to "promote" a contact into a login user with the above license. Then, when that user logs into the site it has its own session.

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