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I am working with the AWS SDK using the KMS library. I would like to use async and await instead of callbacks.

import AWS, { KMS } from "aws-sdk";

this.kms = new AWS.KMS();

const key = await this.kms.generateDataKey();

However, this does not work, when wrapped in an async function.

How can I use async and await here?

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If you are using aws-sdk with version > 2.x, you can transform an aws.Request to a promise with chain .promise() function. For your case:

  try {

    let key = await kms.generateDataKey().promise();

  } catch (e) {



the key is a KMS.Types.GenerateDataKeyResponse - the second param of callback(in callback style).

The e is an AWSError - The first param of callback func

note: await expression only allowed within an async function

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