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How do I import a module(python file) that resides in the parent directory?

Both directories have a file in them but I still cannot import a file from the parent directory?

In this folder layout, Script B is attempting to import Script A:

Folder A:

   Script A:

   Folder B:

     Script B(attempting to import Script A)

The following code in Script B doesn't work:

import ../ # I get a compile error saying the "." is invalid

2 Answers

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You shouldn't import scripts in Python but, you can import modules. Some python modules are also scripts that you can run directly (they do some useful work at a module-level).

In general, it is preferable to use absolute imports rather than relative imports like this:




└── subpackage



In moduleB:

from toplevel_package import moduleA

If you want to run as a script then make sure that parent directory for toplevel_package is in your sys.path.

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To import script from a parent directory if you want to run the script directly, you can follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Add the folder's path to the environment variable (PYTHONPATH).

  2. Add the path to sys.path in your script.


import module_you_wanted

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