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I'm writing a script to automate some command line commands in Python. At the moment I'm doing calls thus:

cmd = "some unix command"

retcode =,shell=True)

However, I need to run some commands on a remote machine. Manually, I would log in using ssh and then run the commands. How would I automate this in Python? I need to log in with a (known) password to the remote machine, so I can't just use cmd = ssh user@remotehost, I'm wondering if there's a module I should be using?

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Try using the code given below: 

ssh = paramiko.SSHClient()

ssh.connect(server, username=username, password=password)

ssh_stdin, ssh_stdout, ssh_stderr = ssh.exec_command(cmd_to_execute)

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Use the below code to perform over ssh in Python:-

import spur 

shell = spur.SshShell(hostname="localhost", username="bob", password="password1") 

result =["echo", "-n", "hello"]) 

print result.output 

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