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What does "call" mean and do? How would you "call" a function in Python?

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When we  "call" a function we are generally just telling the program to execute that function. So if you had a function that added two numbers such as:

def add(a,b):

    return a + b

you can also call the function like this:


Which will return 8. You can put any two numbers in the parentheses in this case. You can also call a function like this:

answer = add(4,7)

Which will set the variable answer equal to 11 in this case.

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To "call" means to make a reference in your code to a function that is written elsewhere. This function "call" can be made to the standard Python library (stuff that comes installed with Python), third-party libraries (stuff other people wrote that you want to use), or your own code (stuff you wrote). For example:

#!/usr/env python 

import os 

def foo(): 

return "hello world" 

print os.getlogin() 

print foo()

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