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I'm trying to create a multi-region serverless application on AWS. I've followed the instructions given here. I'm using the Serverless framework, which uses Cloudformation scripts for creating all the resources on AWS.

I want to create a custom domain for API gateway as a Regional Endpoint. When it creates a Regional endpoint, it generates a target domain. I would like to know how can I get the value of the target domain in my Cloudformation script?

When I create an Edge optimized Endpoint, I get the value of the CloudFront deployment by using the DistributionDomainName attribute. But I don't see any attribute for the target domain name when a Regional Endpoint is created. I tried using the DistributionDomainName attribute for a Regional endpoint, but it throws an error which says that there is no DistributionDomainName.

Below is a part of my script -

# Creates a custom domain for the ApiGateway


  Type: 'AWS::ApiGateway::DomainName'


    DomainName: ${self:custom.domain}



        - REGIONAL

    RegionalCertificateArn: ${self:custom.certificateArn}

# Insert a DNS record in route53 hosted zone to redirect from the custom domain to CF distribution


  Type: AWS::Route53::RecordSet


    Region: ${self:provider.region}

    SetIdentifier: ${self:provider.region}

    HostedZoneId: ${self:custom.hostedZoneId}

    Name: ${self:custom.domain}

    Type: CNAME

    TTL: 60


      - "Fn::GetAtt": [customDomain, DistributionDomainName]

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Cloudformation now returns the regional domain name through RegionalDomainName property. It could be used as Fn:GetAtt : [customDomain, RegionalDomainName].

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