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According to the docs, AWS Elastic Beanstalk supports Python 2.6. I wonder if anyone has set up a custom AMI using the EBS backed 64 bit Linux AMI to run Django under Python 2.7 on the beanstalk? While most aspects of a set up under 2.7 will probably be straightforward using virtualenv or changing the symlinks, I'm worried about the amazon build of mod_wsgi. I understand that depending on how mod_wsgi has been compiled there may be issues with running it in combination with Python 2.7. I also wonder if there will be any postgreSQL issues...

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Please try to use EB CLI tool and then you can find the below AMI options.

17) 32bit Amazon Linux 2013.09 running Python 2.7

18) 64bit Amazon Linux 2013.09 running Python 2.7

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