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I need to generate a whole bunch of vertically-stacked plots in matplotlib. The result will be saved using figsave and viewed on a webpage, so I don't care how tall the final image is as long as the subplots are spaced so they don't overlap.

No matter how big I allow the figure to be, the subplots always seem to overlap.

My code currently looks like

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 

import my_other_module 

titles, x_lists, y_lists = my_other_module.get_data() 

fig = plt.figure(figsize=(10,60)) 

for i, y_list in enumerate(y_lists): 

plt.subplot(len(titles), 1, i) 

plt.xlabel("Some X label") 

plt.ylabel("Some Y label") 



fig.savefig('out.png', dpi=100)

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You can use plt.tight_layout for that:-

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 

fig, axes = plt.subplots(nrows=4, ncols=4) 


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