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I know how to use both for loops and if statements on separate lines, such as:

>>> a = [2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0] 

... xyz = [0,12,4,6,242,7,9] 

... for x in xyz:

... if x in a:

... print(x) 


And I know I can use a list comprehension to combine these when the statements are simple, such as:

print([x for x in xyz if x in a])

But what I can't find is a good example anywhere (to copy and learn from) demonstrating a complex set of commands (not just "print x") that occur following a combination of a for loop and some if statements. Something that I would expect looks like:

for x in xyz if x not in a:


Is this just not the way python is supposed to work?

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You can use generator expressions for combining for loop and if statement for this:

gen = (x for x in xyz if x not in a) 

for x in gen: 

print x

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