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I want to use mongoose custom validation to validate if endDate is greater than startDate. How can I access startDate value? When using this.startDate, it doesn't work; I get undefined.

var a = new Schema({ 

startDate: Date, 

endDate: Date 


var A = mongoose.model('A', a); A.schema.path('endDate').validate(function (value) {

return diff(this.startDate, value) >= 0; 

}, 'End Date must be greater than Start Date');

diff is a function that compares two dates.

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In mongoose custom validation using 2 fields you can do that using Mongoose 'validate' middleware so that you have access to all fields:

ASchema.pre('validate', function(next) { 

if (this.startDate > this.endDate) { 

         next(new Error('End Date must be greater than Start      


} else { 



Note that you must wrap your validation error message in a JavaScript Error object when calling next to report a validation failure. 

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