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Which is easy to learn, Java or MEAN stack?

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Java and MEAN stack are quite different from each other as Java is a programming language and MEAN stack is a software development stack used to develop Web Applications. So, which one is easier would highly depend on the individual learner. Although MEAN stack is a set of technologies, it is based on a single language called JavaScript which is considerably easier to learn than Java. So learning one of these would depend solely on what are you building. For example, if you are building a complete web applications then using MEAN stack is better, but if you are building a native Android App or Desktop App then using Java is better.

You can read this blog that explains what MEAN stack is.

You can also get started with MEAN stack by learning individual technologies, like: 

If you wish to learn MongoDB you can do this end to end certification course on MongoDB.

Also you can learn Angular by doing this Angular course

or you can watch small tutorials to get your feet wet on MongoDBAngular etc,

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