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What are the differences between Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm and Docker Data Centre?

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The difference between Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm are as follows:-


  • It supports CaaS.

  • Virtual network

  • Atom unit pod or groups containers

  • The possibility of working in multi-centers is provided by the built-in federation.


  • It supports PaaS

  • Add-on over kubernetes

  • There is an option to grant access rights to containers.

  • There is a web console. (many functions are not available).

  • More advanced management of the caster cluster utility oc.

Docker swarm:-

  • Docker swarm also supports CaaS

  • Easy to set up

  • Atom unit service

  • Works with docker-compose

  • Built-in network

  • The possibility of working in multi-centres is provided by the Third-party service federation.

Docker Data Centre

  • It also supports CaaS

  • Docker Datacenter is now part of the Docker EE Standard offering.

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