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What is the difference between fleet in CoreOS and container platforms like Docker and Kubernetes? Is there an advantage of running Docker and Kubernetes instead of fleet?

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First of all we will see all the terms what that means:-

  • What Docker is:

    • Docker is a container technology which is a very slick way for developer to package applications or services in a linux container.

  • What is Kubernetes:

    • Kubernetes is a solution to the Docker container management. There are some versions such as SaaS version.

    • It is not a container platform. It does not have its own container implementation built in to it. Kubernetes manages the Docker container platform.

  • Fleet in CoreOs, is a packing primitive.  It is somewhat analogous to Docker's Swarm. oreOS is working on the Rkt (Rocket) container. Fleet might be thought of as its "platform" in the same way the Docker daemon provides a platform for Docker containers.

At this time when I am writing this answer fleet is effectively dead. CoreOS has abandoned it in favour for Kubernetes. So the answer is yes, there is an advantage of running Docker and Kubernetes instead of fleet.  You must have a look in order to learn about all these things in details and also want to learn Kubernetes and to have a decent and valuable certificate then you can visit Intellipaat Kubernetes Training course. If you like to read the concepts than you can read the following Kubernetes tutorial. You can also watch the video tutorials free of cost on Youtube visit the link mentioned-below:-

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