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If my resume is weak, what can I have on my GitHub account to get hired as an entry-level software developer?

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The most important thing is to have a good projects. So, you should come up with an idea, you should execute it and post it. And also document it. If you can do one thing that someone with no knowledge of your project can come along and pull it, install it, and use it then it will be a plus point. After all these things that you want to see from a good developer in a professional setting. If someone put effort into documentation and fit and finish on a project they came up with and executed themselves, with no outside requirement or mandate to do so, that's a good indication they will  make the effort when it's even more necessary. And hopefully, if you do these things by your own, personal, and unassisted projects, you will develop an appreciation of your own for why they're valuable. To know more about such kind of things if you are an absolute beginner or you have a little knowledge of GitHub in that case to learn GitHub and all its concepts such as pull request or creating a repository in detail which is necessary for a programmer you can learn it by taking up the GitHub training course. If you like to read then you can have a look at the GitHub tutorial. If you want to learn it by watching the video tutorial then you can have a look at the following tutorial:-


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