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What is the difference between Selenium (RC) and Selenium (IDE)?

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To understand the differences between Selenium (RC) and Selenium (IDE) we will have a look at their capacities:-

So let’s have a look at the capacity of Selenium IDE:-

  • While using Selenium IDE programming skills are not required for the test creation.

  • A user may export the test cases to the different formats and also to RC and WebDriver.

  • For the customized JavaScript usage a user should use RunScript.

  • Selenium IDE is suitable only for Firefox.

Now coming to the Selenium RC’s capabilities or qualities:-

Selenium RC’s are slightly different from the above-mentioned items. Among the Selenium RC peculiarities, the below mentioned points should be highlighted.

  • Selenium RC has the capacity to be launched on the various OS and browsers;

  • If you are using Selenium RC then you have more languages are available for the test creation.

  • If you want to apply Selenium Grid, then it is possible to deploy the tests in the diverse environment conditions.

  • To check the web product one can go through the AJAX scenarios.

If you are looking to make your career in testing field then you must have a look at the following Selenium Training Course. If you are preparing for the interviews for Selenium testing then you can have a look at the following Selenium interview Questions. To know more about Selenium you can have a look at the following Selenium video tutorial:-

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