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How does Kubernetes compare with AWS' new Elastic Kubernetes Service? Is the lost flexibility worth it?

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The new Elastic Kubernetes Service is not that good but as it is brand new so it will definitely improve. There are some of the following differences to change, and I think many production applications will consider it shortly. If you want to learn more about Kuberentes then you can have a look at the following Kubernetes video tutorial:-


Below are some of the differences:-

Managed master: Controlling the master is very tough. It costs about $150, they are always run multi-AZ and you should never have to worry about them. The downsides are no access to alpha features, no ability to add Kubernetes API options, like feature gates, etc.

Container Networking Interface: EKS(elastic Kubernetes Services) only allows you to use their relatively new AWS VPC CNI, which has less production experience than some of the other CNIs. This CNI fits more nicely into the AWS security model and maps more naturally to AWS security groups. But reduces some flexibility, like if you wanted to use encryption.

IAM integration: The new AWS authenticator integrates more nicely with IAM policies and permissions than standard Kubernetes tools. These tools should appear in standard Kubernetes.

If you want to have a certification in Kubernetes than you can take up the following Kubernetes Training Course. If you are more in reading the have a look at the following DevOps Tutorial which covers all the concepts of Kubernetes

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