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What are benefits of Kubernetes over Docker Swarm mode?

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To understand the benefits of Kubernetes over Docker Swarm there are two things to take into consideration:-

  1. Traction and Support

  2. Feature set

Kubernetes is an open-source project built by Google, and become well known when Docker containers got traction.

Because Google had ~10 years of experience in building container orchestration tools, and had the money and connections to a) hire the best people in the world to work on it (eg. Joe Beda) and b) bring in the tech industry leaders as contributors (eg. RedHat, Intel), Kubernetes have become the fastest-growing orchestration, preferred by both enterprises and cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google), getting in front of previous established leaders like Mesos. Docker Inc., with Swarm, just didn’t have the time to compete with Google’s Kubernetes.

Feature set:- 

Not getting into details or make a feature comparison between the two of them, but I will put an emphasis on cloud integration. Being offered by leading cloud vendors as a service offers Kubernetes a great advantage even if deployed and managed by the user by seamlessly integrating with cloud-native storage, load balancing or networking solutions.

If you want to learn these technologies you must have a look at the following DevOps Training Course. If you are more into reading then you must read the following DevOps tutorial. Here is the link of the video by which I came to know about all these.


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