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What is Kubernetes? How can I learn about it?

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Kubernetes is a cluster and container management tool. Kubernetes lets you deploy containers to clusters, meaning a network of virtual machines. Kubernetes works with different containers, one of them is Docker. The basic idea of Kubernetes is to further abstract machines, storage, and networks away from their physical implementation.

According to me the best way to learn Kubernetes is from the Online Courses. So I can also recommend you the best Kubernetes Online Courses which is being provided by Intellipaat. 

This course covers below-mentioned topics:-

  1. Introduction to Kubernetes

  2. Kubernetes architecture 

  3. App deployment on Kubernetes 

  4. Scaling apps in Kubernetes 

  5. Managing State with Deployments 

  6. Kubernetes security best practices

You can also watch the Kubernetes video tutorial which is also free of cost provided by Intellipaat.


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