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Does Kubernetes only work with Docker?

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The answer is a Big No you can use other services too with Kubernetes. Kubernetes is just happens to be best solutions for orchestrating containers or in simple language and scheduling them, whereas Dockers is just responsible for providing an open standard for packaging and distributing containerized applications. When most people talk about Kubernetes and Docker they mean is “Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm” the Docker swarm is Docker’s own native clustering solution for Docker containers, which has the advantage of being tightly integrated into the ecosystem of Docker, and uses its own API. I hope my answer cleared your doubt. If you wish to learn both of these technologies then you must have a look at the following DevOps Training Course. If you like to read the stuff then you must have a look at the following DevOps tutorial. Another thing here I am mentioning a video tutorial that you must follow if you want to clear all your doubts regarding these topics.


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