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Which is better for data analysis: R or Python? Is R still a better data analysis language than Python? Has anyone else used Python with Pandas, to a large extent, in data analysis projects?

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Python has appeared as a popular and vibrant programming language with Ruby, Perl and many more.

Python has recently progressed for creating websites using its multiple web frames. A lot of people consider calling Python as a scripting language as one can easily write scripts or quick and small programs. When we are discussing data analysis, Python is compared with many other open-source languages. But, lately, Python’s strong library support has become an evident preference for most of the analysts to perform data analysis tasks. Moreover, being a general programming language, it behaves as a single language for developing applications especially data-centric ones.

Pandas is one of the most well-renowned data analysis packages in Python that offers high-performance tools and structures for data analysis. Python’s packages help in compressing the time between initiating the project and doing constructive work within that project. If you want Python and some functionalities of R then RPy2 gives all of the essential functionalities of R.

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